TIPS: How to hit the ball with power

TIPS: How to hit the ball with power

To hit the ball with power, you must be able to avoid - coming over the top, which is the most common problem that beginners and high handicappers struggle with. It is a swing flow that causes the club head to stray on the downswing outside the target line and cause the ball to slide horribly.

The start of the downswing must be calm and leisurely to create maximum power. This enables the golfer to produce speed so that the golf club will continue to speed up when reaching the ball. Finally, ensure that the arms are fully extended to a high finish.


If you want to evade coming over the
top, you must learn how to keep your club head from straying outside the target
line. Making an impact with a downswing that comes from slightly inside the
target line will help rid you a nasty slice and will even get you drawing the
ball slightly. To train yourself to come from the inside, try these two drills
by Steve Duno.


Line up three tees 


Stick three tees into the turf about 8cm apart, so they form a line that makes a 45-degree angle with your target line. The line should point to your left foot (for a right-handed golfer). Make sure there is enough space between the tees to swing the club head through.


Find your swing path 


Take some swings with a 5-iron, trying to clip the top of the middle tee only. The club head will have to pass between the outside tees at a slight into the out pathway to avoid hitting them. If you can do this consistently, you know your club head is correctly traveling from the inside and not the outside. Hitting outside tees makes you’re coming over the top and need to work on your swing.



Choose the Right Equipment

You can change the way you play on the golf course by using the right clubs that help you reduce your handicap dramatically.

Best in the field clubs are the need of the game because getting clubs that fit you is crucial to make your golf swing better. And if you have the right clubs in your bag, then half of your work is done. The only thing you have to do is remember the basics and enjoy the game.

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