How to Choose the Right Irons to Improve Your Performance

How to Choose the Right Irons to Improve Your Performance

Irons decide your fate on the golf course, and when you are in the market to buy new irons, it is essential to buy only the best irons to play a great game of golf.

The right irons can help lower your score at any course. But the onerous task between you and the match-winning game is to choose the right irons as there are plenty of things to consider before buying golf iron to enhance your game performance. Let's explain this one by one.

Which irons suit your game

As we know that irons have a tremendous impact on our game and it is very imperative to pick only those irons that are made to match a specific skill level, so quickly look at some of those iron styles that match your current level:

Super-Game Improvement Irons: Most suitable for beginners or those with 20+ handicaps. 

Such irons are designed to provide added forgiveness, advanced distance, and can help launch the ball into the air. These irons feature a large clubface, a wider sole and toplines are significantly larger, to allow easier and more forgiving hits. 

Game Improvement Irons: These irons are for mid-level golfers looking to benefit from a forgiving design.  

The Game-improvement irons have a longer face length to accommodate off-center hits and a wider sole to help with turf forgiveness. A cavity back or hollow clubhead helps increase the size of the sweet spot.

Player’s Irons:  Also referred to as blades, are designated, and used by professionals and single-digit handicap players (below 5).  

These irons emphasize further traditional look, shorter blade lengths, reduced offset, narrow sole widths, and thinner top lines. Players irons typically have muscle back clubheads that are less forgiving on off-center shots, making them ideal for more accomplished golfers. 

Player’s distance Irons:  Mid- to low-handicap golfers craving more distance, competitive golfers or golfers who just want the look of a player's iron but the performance of a game-improvement iron consider these irons. 

Player's distance irons are a blend of some of the most fancied features from players irons and game-improvement irons. They have the workability of a player's iron set but add the distance of game-improvement irons. 

Forged or cast irons?

Forged irons offer a more flexible feel and immense consistency, something they put to down to 'Grain Flow'. 

However, most of the irons on the market, are cast, and they tend to be larger and offer more distance as well as a firmer feel. 

Advice to follow

Custom Fittings

We know it is hard to find a set of irons that maximizes distance, accuracy, and control. But, consulting a Certified Club Fitter will ensure that your irons are accurately adjusted to your needs. 

In-store pros at Golfoy can help you find your optimal set makeup, loft angle, lie angle, shaft type, shaft length, grip size, and more. 

Demo Days 

Demo Days are one of those cool places where manufacturers offer all golfers the chance to try out all their latest equipment and get advice on specifications and any other questions you might have. 

Every year Golfoy organizes demo days for its customers and provides custom fitting trucks with SkyTrak simulation equipment to test the swing and build a club that assures guaranteed results.

We cannot deny the fact that Irons are used on every hole and cover everything from short & mid-range shots to long-range shots from the tee. 

The irons best suited to you will depend on your ability, what suits your eye, and your typical impact pattern. And I’m quite sure that after reading this article you’ll somehow understand which irons suites your game.