Golf During the Coronavirus Scare: 9 Things that will keep you safe while playing golf

Golf During the Coronavirus Scare: 9 Things that will keep you safe while playing golf

As we all know, the entire world is facing a big threat in form of a deadly disease called COVID-19 caused by a corona-virus SARS-CoV-2, which has stalled the entire world and has forced us to stay at home as a wise man once said 'precaution is better than cure'. The golfing community has also taken a blow, from PGTI to PGA Tour all major golf tournaments around the globe are getting canceled, with golf courses slowly shutting across the country, golf retailers are also facing a dent in their business. As we are helpless and can’t wait for things to go back to normal, but still some might feel this is the right time to go practice on your local golf course. 

In fact, this is the ideal time to do your hobbies and play a non-contact sport like golf and freely rejoice without any stress just like your childhood days. We're going to tell you how you can avoid getting contaminated by the corona-virus while playing golf. 

1. Sanitize your hands regularly

Well, it’s time for you to remember the perk of golf (Individual sport), yes, and because of this advantage, you can play and finish golf without having to touch therefore it’s a very safe sport, but even if you use a caddy, you can advise him to wear a mask and rubber gloves. Carry a sanitizer and use it to sanitize your hands after every hole also avoid touching your Eyes, Nose & Mouth at all cost. 

2. Don't use rental club

So, if you really want to play golf during an epidemic outbreak then you must have your own set of clubs, that also means not sharing any of your clubs within your four-ball. As it is there is way too much distance between you and your partners on the course so there’s no chance of coming close to a contaminated person unless you share your equipment. 

3. Everyone should pick up their own ball

This means don’t toss the ball or ball marker to your playing partner, let them pick their own ball and you pick your own. Minimizing contact and sharing is the key to play a non contagious round of golf.

4. Don’t use a bunker Rake

The most touched piece of equipment on the golf course is a bunker rake, although golf courses remove all the rakes from bunkers as a precautionary measures but if still you really need to Rake then rake it with your shoes or simply take a free drop just outside the bunker.

5. Don’t shake hands

This is the most important rule nowadays. Try a friendly wave instead or even a smile will do, but don’t shake hands or do high five with anybody on the course.  

6. Don’t hang around the club house or gazebo

We know every golfer likes to have a sandwich or sip on a beer after the round of golf, but this is not the time. After finishing your round, just wash your hands properly and rush home to your family, they need you. 

7. Don’t exchange cash

Avoid any cash transaction even if you won a bet. Try paying through UPI, Google Pay, PayTM or any other digital mode of payment that you use.  

8. Keep your hands to yourself

Do not touch anything unnecessarily, just concentrate on your game and wash your hands after every 9 holes or whenever you get the chance to. Avoid touching your face with your hands at all cost. 

9. Rent a Cart or Trolley

There is nothing like playing golf by yourself, and you are the safest when you are alone. So just rent a golf cart or simply take a trolley, this way you eliminate any human touch and also can finish up the round quicker, minimizing any form of contamination. 

Honestly, we don't feel that this is the right time to just go and play on the golf course; we think that one needs to be patient and wait until things get back to normal. But if you still can’t keep yourself from wanting to play golf, please strictly follow the above mentioned safety measures while going on the golf course. 

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