Get your golf training enhanced with this pill

Get your golf training enhanced with this pill

Don't get confused with the heading, the golfing pill is not supposed to be consumed but is to master the art of putting.
The Pill golf training ball helps you understand your swing by exaggerating imperfections for quick detection & correction. Instant insight enhances your performance for putt, chip & full shot.

Modified shape

Think of a tire. If you don't roll it straight, it wobbles around or falls flat. The designers have applied the same physics to a golf ball to create a training tool with major feedback. 

  • Forces you to hit square and center on the clubface. 
  • Imprecision sends it teetering, rolling at a curve or falling on its side. 
  • Cambered sides for accuracy, performance & added training capabilities. 

Performance core

The two-piece moulded design distributes weight evenly for an honest roll. 

  • Soft-compression core won't over-compress. 
  • Even weight distribution means it can't self-correct. 
  • Feel and performance of a tour-quality golf ball. 

Full-range capability

It's not just a putting tool. Similar to the excellent quality golf balls on the market, The Pill is designed with a Surlyn® cover to resist even your most robust swing. 

  • Strong enough for chip & full-shot training. 
  • Highly resilient synthetic stands up to the durability test of the avid golfer. 
  • The same material used in the majority of golf balls across the industry. 
  • Allows many options for spin & distance combinations.

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