FIRST LOOK REVIEW: 2018 FootJoy ARC SL Spikeless Golf Shoes

FIRST LOOK REVIEW: 2018 FootJoy ARC SL Spikeless Golf Shoes

FootJoy known for its high performance golf footwear which are rich in comfort & style has now released a shoe with a unique feature, it can be worn to and from the course as well as on it. FootJoy has focused on comfort in a spikeless shoe at a great price.

The looks of the shoe are fairly conservative with the options of an all white, all black or white with navy.

The company has taken care of stability & comfort by using the technology “Advanced Responsive Cushioning” midsole abbreviated as ARC which creates a reasonably rigid sole unit.

The duratrex molded TPU outsole provides amazing grip to the shoe & also increases the comfort.FJ18Mens_ARCSL_59705_SOLE

These shoes are similar to their predecessors such as Pro S/L in terms of comfort & style. FootJoy says that all the previous experience they have had in shoes segment has lead them to their latest model, The ARC SL. In their previous model, The Pro S/L, customers experienced that the grips of the shoe would last at most, only a single season. But with this updated technology, it is expected that ARC SL grips will last a much longer time.

On the course, the experience of walking in these shoes is quite comfortable & the grip perfectly suits this type of sole. It was comfortable even on a damp, soft parkland & it hardly picked up any grass.

The upper leather is designed to give it a one year waterproof guarantee & it does the job quite well. It kept the elements away from the shoe & enhanced the comfort during the walk.

The upper leather feels very plush. To add the feature of waterproofness, FootJoy has provided a membrane lining inside the leather, rather the leather itself being treated to make it waterproof as their other models. Hence, there is a dual barrier, making sure that water stays out of the shoe.

This model can be compared with their premium model DNA helix collar because the combination of padding with high heels provides the same comfort & style in both the models

Apart from its amazing technical specifications, FootJoy has tried their best to maximize the comfort in a waterproof shoe at a great price point.

The FootJoy team has really worked hard to balance the comfort, style & quality at a lower price point without too many sacrifices.

So, if you are looking for a shoe which can deliver amazing comfort, can be wearable to and from the course, waterproof, leather, spikeless & last but not the least at a great price then the FootJoy ARC SL is a great deal.

FootJoy ARC SL Spikeless Golf Shoe is available