First Look 2018: Pro V1 & Pro V1x balls Review

First Look 2018: Pro V1 & Pro V1x balls Review

First Look 2018: Pro V1 & Pro V1x balls Review

Total there are 8 different models of Titleist Pro V1/V1x from 1999 to 2014, and every model had a special feature which made them a hit from other competitive balls available.

In this blog, I will cover the latest hits of 2017-2018, the pro v1 and pro v1x. I will guide you about the special features these balls have from other available balls and what are the things which make Pro V1 & Pro V1x two separate models.

Titleist 2017-2018 Pro V1 is a 3 piece solid-core ball currently sporting 352 dimples pattern whereas the Pro V1x has four layers with 328 dimples.

This was about the features of the balls, now let’s talk about how these features make V1 & V1x different models.

The Pro v1: The pro v1 provides a softer feel on the club face because of its in-built technology of 3 layers & more dimples ( 352 ). Because of these technical features the ball generates low long game spin, less iron spin and high short game spin which gives it consistently mid-level fight as compared to pro v1x.

The Pro v1x: The four layers of construction and less number of layers than v1 makes it less soft than pro v1 and similar long game spin, more iron spin, higher short game spin, higher flight compared to v1.

Should I play with pro v1 or pro v1x?

Titliest Pro V1 Pro V1x Golf Balls Let’s understand out of the two which ball is perfect for you. The engineering of pro v1x provides it consistent flight with more distance more iron spin and higher short game spin.

On the other hand one more point is there which should be considered by all the golfers is that a golf ball must perform for all the shots during the round. Since the only dynamic force which controls the ball is the external force supplied by the club. Thus different shots require different swing speed in order to execute them properly because the swing speed required for driver is different for that is required for putting shot.

The best option you have to check out which ball is perfect for you is to test out them on the couse yourself. Once you have gone through both the models then you will clearly get which model is working perfectly for you & making your game better.

As a golfer, we know that a perfect golf  shot depends on  number of factors from the ball’s dimples to club head’s design. Thus similarly every swing is different & a single solution can’t fix everything. A golf ball that is exclusively engineered for low flight & less spin which is perfect for your fellow golfer might not be a good choice for you.

Titleist Prov1 Balls Titleist Prov1 Balls

Get your box of V1 and v1x and test them out of the green and find it out yourself which game is making your better.