Three Wheel Golf Trolley V/S Four Wheel Golf Trolley

Three Wheel Golf Trolley V/S Four Wheel Golf Trolley

In these pandemic times, almost all the golfers are staying away from caddies and carrying their own bags.

The push carts or trolleys have become the hottest item on course and everybody is buying one and moving their own bag. However, the biggest question in everyone’s mind, a three-wheeler trolley, or a four-wheeler?

Well, Here I am to answer that question as briefly as possible between some comparison points.


In simple words, four wheels offer more stability than three wheels, hence guaranteeing more safety for your bag and other accessories. 4 wheeler beats a 3 wheeler in this case.


As a 3 wheeled trolley has a single front wheel, it is much easy to steer it on the course as compared to a 4 wheeler. Taking those turns is much easier with a small front tyre in a trolley as compared to a 3 wheeler.

Weight Carrying Capacity

Although one might feel that a 4 wheeler trolley will have a higher weight carrying capacity than a 3 wheeled trolley, it certainly doesn’t really make a difference. Almost all trolley brands offer the same weight carrying capacity on both models. Eg, Axglo Trilite, and Axglo Flip N Go, both have a weight carrying capacity of 20 Kgs!


This question holds a lot of relevance for our Indian golfers. An extra wheel definitely adds to the cost and 4 wheeler trolleys will always be 15-20 percent more expensive than 3 wheeler trolleys.

The Verdict:

Any 3 wheeler or 4 wheeler trolley, from among the renowned brands is a good buy. A 3 wheeler has got all of it and is definitely a winner. But please make sure to go for a trolley which is durable, has great tyres, and solid build. JUST STAY AWAY! from the light weight basic aluminum trolleys as they don’t last. You need to have a companion for these times of your life, and I am sure this won't be the last pandemic, though I certainly hope so :)