Everything you need to know if you have old clubs

Everything you need to know if you have old clubs

Golf clubs are a part of every golfer's life, and there is a deep bond between a golfer and their club. 

But, just like anything comes with an expiry date, golf clubs too come with it. Still, if we know how long they last, and what is the proper procedure to maintain them, it can give your club a long life. 

It depends on what kind of golfer you are or how you maintain your clubs. Like, if you are an avid golfer, after some time, you may realize that your clubs might not work like they used to. 

Sometimes it depends on the clubs' manufacturers as well if it is from a reputable manufacturer, their clubs to be the last three-four odd years. In short, the lifespan of modern golf clubs can be anywhere from three years to a lifetime if repairs are made. However, the longevity of your golf clubs is entirely dependent on how frequently you play and how well you care for your clubs. 

The pros usually change their clubs for several purposes. Some try new clubs to raise their overall game or to make a substitute change depending on the course they’re playing. Whereas some use for brand endorsement. That way, one cannot predict exactly when the Tour pros usually change clubs. 

The crucial thing to keep in mind to dry off any wet clubs before storage. Keeping your clubs away while they are wet invites rust.  

You should also make sure the inside of your golf bag is dry before storing your clubs. Use headcovers on your best golf clubs when in storage or while transporting. This keeps them dust-free and prevents wear from rubbing and bumping together. 

If your clubs are going into storage long-term, such as during the winter months, be sure to clean and dry them carefully before storing them in a temperature-controlled location. 

The Final Words 

You will get more life from your clubs if you look after them. All you need to do is to clean them regularly and store them in the bag carefully.