Cobra LTDx Drivers: Review & Comparison

Cobra LTDx Drivers: Review & Comparison

Cobra has had several immense years of success in the driver market with their Ltd, F series, Speedzone, and Radspeed models. They are back with another significant release this season, the LTDx family.

The LTDx family features three drivers, LTDx LS, LTDx, and LTDx Max, all of which are all set to become a grand success for the brand. 

What's Common? 

There are three primary features in the new Cobra driver lineup that make them a must-have club in your bag.

  • PWR-COR technology uses multi-material internal and external weights to reposition as much weight low and forward as possible ton lower spin and deliver powerful ball speed upon impact. 

  • E9 face replaced with HOT (High Optimized Topology) that is precision tuned for speed. The face is optimized by thickness in 15 separate sectors to increase ball speed across a sizeable face region.

  • The trio features a multi-material composition with 30% more fibre than last year's Radspeed, as well as a lighter and stronger titanium chassis for maximum stability.

Cobra LTDx Drivers: Review & Comparison
Cobra LTDx LS

The LTDx LS model is designed with a 460cc traditional shape and forward-biased Radial Weighting to appeal to the better player seeking low spin, low launch, and workability.

The added benefits include an adjustable weight system with 3g to 10g weights that can be moved to either front or toe to fine-tune trajectory. It also has PWR-COR technology, which includes 19 grams of weight behind the hitting zone to reduce spin and boost ball speed.

So, if you are someone who wants a forgiving driver but seriously low spin, this one would be the perfect match for you.  

Important - The blue version is only available in the U.S  

Cobra LTDx Drivers: Review & Comparison
Cobra LTDx

The standard model, LTDx, which Cobra claims is the ultimate distance machine as it comes with zero CG and a breathtaking 5200 MOI, is seriously a good driver to have in the bag. 

I witnessed a slight gain in overall yardage when I tried it on the course with the help of my partner Sky Trak, and my club speed was 101 mph, which I believe is adequate.

If someone said the LTDx is on par with Callaway's Rogue or even Stealth of TaylorMade, 8 out of 10 people would agree.

It comes with an adjustable hosel that adjusts 1.5 degrees up and down, making it suitable for golfers of all ability levels.

Important - it is the most solid driver Cobra has ever made.

Cobra LTDx Drivers: Review & Comparison
Cobra LTDx Max

The LTDx Max is the most forgiving amongst the three, as it combines the extreme forgiveness of the LTDx driver with an adjustable heel weight position that helps you fine-tune the amount of draw bias you need.   

This one is designed for players who want to correct a slice. In other words, if your slice location tends to be quite inconsistent, then you should definitely consider the LTDx Max, as it helps boost ball speeds on-off centre strikes.


Head 460cc 460cc 460cc
Loft 9°, 10.5° 9°, 10.5°, 12° 9°, 10.5°,12°
Lie 57.50°,58.50° 57.50°,58.50°,59.50° 57.50°,58.50°,59.50°
Launch Low Medium High
Spin Low Low Low-Mid

The Final Words  

The new LTDx range is all about speed, and all drivers are packed full of the latest technologies to provide players next-level experience.  

Now that you know that the new LTDx drivers are for golfers of all skill levels, what are you for? Buy these drivers and tell us how the latest Cobra drivers performed for you.