Cleveland RTX4 Wedge

Cleveland RTX4 Wedge

When we decide to purchase a new club, our priority remains to buy a specific club that fulfills all of our requirements, but sadly, some flaws exist in most branded items as well. But, the new wedge from Cleveland looks like a complete package that said to be the most tour-authentic wedge they've ever made.  

We can't deny the fact that Cleveland is known for its wedges, this time too, they have maintained their reputation of producing the best wedges in the market. 

This time they come up with RTX4 wedge, the fourth generation of the RTX line-up that is highly advanced in all aspects and considered to be as the most Tour-inspired wedge Cleveland have ever released. 

The feel from the head is top-notch; you will witness a uniquely satisfying feel while playing with this club, which adds confidence to your game. 

The new 4th Generation Rotex Face Technology consistently delivers more spin across all circumstances, which gives adequate distance control, enhanced accuracy, and lower scores. 

The Cleveland RTX 4 is an incredibly exhaustive range that is a blend of 18 different lofts and bounces from 46° to 64° so there should be something in there for everyone. 

The low RTX 4 lofts are more compact with a straight leading edge, blending flawlessly with your short irons. While higher lofts have a classic wedge shape for pitch and chip shots around the green. 

The wedge is specially designed for the golfers who expect elite performance in their most essential scoring clubs.

Frankly speaking, the wedge is going to be one of the wedges to beat in the market and is very affordable than most biggies.