Callaway's Great Big Bertha Driver: A Draw Bias, Advanced Technology and Customizable

Callaway's Great Big Bertha Driver



Callaway caught on to feedback from golfers who have slower swing speeds and re-created its iconic Big Bertha driver. Launched in 2023, the Great Big Bertha driver features an ultra-low forward CG and a big weight on the heel of the club, along with its ultra-light construction, all contributing to a draw bias, easy launch, and confidence-instilling club.



Aside from the lightweight design, this 460CC clubhead is packed with technology to hit it longer and straighter than ever.

The jailbreak speed frame for club face stability and ball speed on off-centre hits. This not only helps improve accuracy to hit more fairways but also increases distance.

The variable-thickness AI-designed club face ensures fast ball speeds from off-centre hits, producing a higher smash factor.

Triaxial carbon crown and lightweight components, which allow moving weight in the head lower and closer to the face. This gives maximum forgiveness and also fast ball speeds without the spin being too high.



GBB 2023 has a new head shape, unlike its other 2023 range. It is specifically designed to be elongated and triangular to instill confidence at the address. This shape does tilt towards the heel with a slightly closed face, indicating the draw bias in this club. Cosmetically, the crown has a dark grey, glossy finish, whereas the sole has a little more pop with two bright red elements that outline the large Big Bertha branding.


These drivers are available in 9, 10.5, and 12-degree loft options with an adjustable hosel that allows you to move up or down the lofts from 8 to 14 degrees, depending on which head you choose.



The 2023 Callaway Big Bertha driver boasts a sizable and towering club face that generates an impactful and alluring sound, surpassing the average volume level. The experience of striking the ball results in a robust and pronounced "pop" sensation, which complements the sound well. The driver generally feels light, stable, and balanced through the swing. Another impressive characteristic of this driver is that the sound and feel don’t change much on off-centre strikes, thanks to its high forgiveness levels.


The Great Big Bertha 2023 is a low-spin driver that aims at tightening the dispersion. This acts as a huge plus for slow-swing speed players and inconsistent club golfers struggling with the dreaded slice. The A.I.-designed face provides greater spin consistency between on and off-centre hits. Overall, the GBB 2023 is a high-launching, draw-promoting yet low-spinner that maximises total distance.


Draw drivers aren’t always the most forgiving drivers because the mass is positioned slightly more forward in the heel, which lowers the MOI. Big Bertha, on the other hand, is amazingly forgiving and is able to retain ball speed across the face. Owing to its technology, the head is very fast yet stable and produces a high smash factor regardless of the impact location. The GBB 2023 is an ideal fit for high handicappers and slow-swing speed players.


The GBB is an easy-to-swing driver that is engineered with an ultra-lightweight design for greater distance. Weighing approximately 30 grams less than a tour driver, it presents an excellent choice for golfers seeking to enhance their swing speed. Characteristics like a high smash factor, low spin, and a technology advanced fast face will help the golfer’s hit last longer.