Beware Pokemon catchers, Golf balls flying ahead

Beware Pokemon catchers, Golf balls flying ahead

If you haven’t already heard of the crazy sensation that is taking over the world again. “Pokemon” is back and coming to a course near you.

Manawatu golf club, New Zealand, happens to have a Pokémon Go 'pokestop' on it. The club is worried people might get hit by golf balls near the entrance.

Manawatu Golf Club general manager Michael Williams said they had noticed people lingering near their entrance, which is a 'pokestop' - a landmark on the game. Some had even been wandering along the driveway into the carpark.

However the driveway into the club passes through one of the course's holes and Williams is concerned that distracted Pokemon Go players are venturing into the firing line.

Shop assistant Guy Perry said he too had noticed more people wandering in off the street.

"You know what they are doing."

He had observed groups of people walking in or driving up the entrance way.

"People keep coming into the entrance and parking, then they leave, then another car would come in and park and then leave."

"there were four guys who walked in and you don't think anything of it until you see them [on their phones]. You could tell they were not golfers."

He too was concerned about the safety of it.

"First of all it is a road, secondly, it is intersecting with a golf hole."

Pokémon Go has received an overwhelming response all over the world but the golfing greens are not the right place to catch Pokémon.