Axglo 'Flip N Go' Four Wheel Golf Push Cart

Axglo 'Flip N Go' Four Wheel Golf Push Cart

Canadian golf trolley manufacturer Axglo has re-launched their TriLite & Flip N Go Trolley designs to Indian golfers.

We explored the Axglo TriLite Three Wheel golf push cart in our recent article (Have a look). Now let's overview the 'Axglo Flip n Go Four Wheel Ultra Compact Foldable Aluminium Golf Cart'.

Based on the singular tube frame design you have one of the smallest portable golf push carts in the Indian market today. This cart is built with high-strength industrial grade materials that give this cart a firm and sturdy frame to hold your golf bag with ease.

Aircraft grade aluminium gives this cart strength and lightness that allows you to sail across the course with ease as you travel between the 18 holes.

Flip n Go golf carts come with a protective powder coating for outdoor usage. It has a simple engage and release hand brake system.

The Flip n Go comes with three frame colour options, black, white and silver and the choice of wheels in red and black.

The Axglo 'Trilite' and 'Flip n Go' are exclusively available on our online golf accessories store.


Have a look guys: