Review: Adidas Men's 360 Bounce 2.0 Golf Shoes

Review: Adidas Men's 360 Bounce 2.0 Golf Shoes

Adidas is currently the most popular golf shoe brand among PGA Tour professionals, and we all know why: the kind of comfort Adidas provides I doubt no one in the shoe industry presents today.

The same thing is going to happen with the new Adidas Bounce 2.0 shoes, as they are ready to dominate the market thanks to their outstanding features which set them apart from their rivals.

Looks & Comfort 

The new Adidas bounce 2.0 shoes are true to size, very stable looks good, easy to clean & above all, it is waterproof. The waterproof leather upper provides comfort and quality to the shoe to ensure at least a year-round performance.

Once you wear these shoes, you immediately notice the cushion and support created by the bounce foam technology that gives you a comfortable feel all around; as long as you treat them right, they are going to last for a great time.


These shoes come with an amazing combination of great looks, extreme comfort, and satisfactory performance. I played 72 holes in them so far & I am extremely pleased!

Adidas packed the 360 bounce 2.0 golf shoes` with premium performance, impressive stability, and the energized comfort synonymous with the Boost line.

For golfers who want waterproof protection, spiked traction, and the stability to grip and rip it, you should try this shoe. 

The Final Words 

If you are looking for a spiked golf shoe that sums up all the basic demands you need in a shoe, then you must buy this one. Because I believe that the Adidas Bounce 2.0 shoes give you an extremely comfortable ride of joy on the course, and it won’t trouble your budget as well.

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