Adidas Boost Technology Explained

Adidas Boost Technology Explained

There is a lot of talk about Adidas (boost) technology in the market, and so the reason people are indeed curious to know about it. However, the said technology launched merely seven years back but still, a lot many can’t fully understand what this boost is all about. 

Today, we are going to shut down all the confusion out there; and deeply discuss the Adidas boost technology to give you a proper understanding of Adidas's successful advancement.

What is Boost?

Back in 2013, the famous brand introduces a whole new concept named boost, which is specially made to give everyone the highest return in any running sneaker.

In order to be in the race of competition, Adidas sought the assistance of one of the world’s largest chemical companies, BASF. With both the companies’ sheer dedication, the pair was able to create a new form of TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) that had a unique block-copolymer structure providing just the right amount of bounce. This is where the journey of a strange now successful bubbly BOOST technology made his way. 

Every Boost sole is made by squishing together lots of small capsules, allowing each little pellet to retain its own shape and giving the finished sole a precise reaction – something that’s much harder to achieve with a big, single-density slab.

The boost technology is by far the greatest achievement that Adidas has ever seen as it just changed the fortunes of the brand.

Value for Money?

As they said- boost changes running forever, you will also witness the same once you wear. 

The main idea behind this technology is to provide runners a soft cushioning and long-lasting energy than any other sneakers in the market. Also, the best thing about Boost is that the minute you put it on, you will feel a magical experience than anything else out there.

And without a doubt, we can say that the boost shoes from Adidas are total value for money shoes, as they will provide you a perfect blend of comfort, durability, flexibility, and energy return. These sneakers not only provide good support but also an impressive bounce, which makes them great for running.

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