5 Most Difficult Golf Courses in India

5 Most Difficult Golf Courses in India

As they say, "Challenges are what make life interesting. Overcoming them is what makes it meaningful." There are some courses in India which present great challenges to a golfer's abilities. Five of them are as under

1 Kalhaar Blues and Greens, Ahmedabad - Gujarat

Kalahar Greens - Ahmedabad is designed by Nicklaud Golf Designs (Source - nicklaus.com)

The winner of the 'Best Golf Course of India consecutively for the Fifth year 2015-19' by India Golf Awards, at 7425 yards this is also the longest course on the plains. The course is designed to offer unique challenges to a golfer, like sand and beach bunkers, 14 water bodies etc. It tests a golfer's putting skills as the greens have very severe undulations & require very careful consideration. So, are you up for the challenge?

2 Eagleton Golf Resort, Bengaluru - Karnataka

Course layout - Eagleton Golf course (Source - golfdesigns)

It started operating in 1999 and was a first of its kind in the southern region. Spread over 7100 yards, this 18 hole championship course is a challenge and delight to play at with alterations in elevation, water hazards, 68 bunkers & a whole lot of mature tree line. The greens are between 8 to 9 stimp and go up to 10-11 during a tournament, further adding to the challenge.

3 Royal Springs Golf Course, Srinagar - Jammu and Kashmir

Picturesque view of the golf course

It is an absolutely stunning golf course covering over 300 acres. Because of its location over hills, it has a lot of elements of beauty as well as difficulty. It was made out of a forest & poses great trials for golfers because of its changes in undulations.

The beautiful Morning view of the golf Course.

The greatest challenge is handling the rough on this course & analysing the lines & slopes on the greens.

4 Jaypee Greens, Noida - Uttar Pradesh

Jaypee Greens GOlf course Aerial View (Source - The hindu)

Spread over 7347 yards, it's a par 72 course. There are over 88 bunkers spread throughout the course. Apart from the bunkers, you can also find water bodies, long holes, strong wind here, which add challenge and difficulty. The 3rd hole is a designed to test your tee shot. The 5th hole can be a beast because of water, bunkers & a very fast green. A combination of beauty and beast, that's what this golf course offers.

5 The CIAL Golf and Country Club, Kochi - Kerala

Entrance of the CIAL golf course, Kochi

The newly constructed, CIAL golf course is a 18 hole, par 72, course spread over 130 acres. 9 holes are currently operational.

Planes, mounds along the fairway, water, wind - enough diversions are present on this course to make your round challenging.

So, if you want an interesting and challenging round of golf, try one of these course for your next game.