Guide to choosing the right equipment for Juniors

The following article has been written with an aim to help junior golfers choose the right equipment when they are just getting into the game of golf.

For an everyday golfer and including tournament golf professionals the maximum golf clubs you can have in your golf bag is 14 clubs, there is no need for a junior to lug a full set of golf clubs around the golf course, we want to make it enjoyable for them and don’t want to scare them off whilst they are just setting out do we.

Ideally, a junior should just start off with a Driver, a hybrid golf club of some shape or form just to enable them to get the golf ball airborne, a 7 and 8 iron, a wedge plus a putter would be an ideal number of clubs for a junior golfer to start off in the game, as they progress and improve then you can always add additional clubs to their sets of Club.

When I get asked what are the best clubs for juniors to get them into the game, I always point them in the direction of either a set of US Kids Golf half and full sets or alternatively get them using a 2nd hand ladies club which is nice and light for their age and also enables them to try out the clubs. Also, on the driving range – but the main thing I drum into parents is that they need to buy very light clubs for kids under 10 until they develop stronger muscles enabling them to swing a heavier golf club.

Suggestions on sets for kids to consider, CLICK HERE to see more on Golfoy

When should parents consider getting their kids professionally custom fitted for golf clubs? 

They say that until the child reaches approx. 60 inches or 5 feet in height then it would be a waste of money because they change so rapidly below that height, so just stick with stock standard off the shelf kids golf clubs until they start showing some real talent and steady growth in body size.

Unless your child swings the golf club faster than 80 miles per hour, so go for a golf ball that compresses at slower swing speeds, the reason professional and good amateur golfers hit the golf ball so far and straight is that they are using a golf ball that compresses perfectly to their swing speed – if your child wants distance then go with say a Dunlop DDH golf ball or if your child is a dab hand around the green and loves the short game go for something like a Srixon Tour Special golf ball, great feel around the green and a nice ball to putt with – but there are many options to choose from and these are just a couple of suggestions.

In closing, don’t get drawn into making the mistake of getting sets of expensive golf clubs at too young an age because the child will grow, change, develop and mature so quickly in their younger years that you will be forever changing their golf clubs to suit – so go the kid’s ideal starter set option until they are ready for the next level. 

I hope that this article about Junior Golf was of use and if you have any questions regarding this article, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below, I will be glad to respond to any comments left.

Happy Golfing as Always.

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