Golf in India During the Covid-19 Scare: Happy days are here again

Happy days are back. Golfing days are back. Yes, your favorite sport golf is all set for re-opening in India.

Finally, after a stern period of 2 months, here comes a moment of joy for all the golf lovers, now you can play the game at a golf course near you.

Still, as you know, any relaxation comes with certain constraints, which are very necessary because of the COVID-19 pandemic. But, golf has its perks as it is an (Individual sport), yes, and with this advantage, you can play and finish golf without having to touch therefore it’s a very safe sport, all you have to keep in mind the basic guidelines to follow to be safe.

✔ Always wear your Face Mask

✔ Carry hand or pocket sanitizer with yourself

✔ Maintaina 6ft. distance from other persons

✔ Do not shake hands, try a friendly wave instead or greet with a Namaste.

✔ Do not touch anything unnecessarily, and avoid touching your face with your hands at all costs.

✔ You need to develop a habit of picking up your ball by yourself; minimizing contact is the remedy to play a non-transmissible game of golf.

✔ Avoid cash payments, if possible, pay only through the digital payment option

We know every golfer likes to have a sandwich or sip on a beer after the round of golf, but this is not the right time. Rush home and take a shower ASAP.

Golf Course is open for you, so why wait! Just go there and enjoy your favorite game while following the guidelines.

Have fun, Stay Safe, Enjoy your game!

Posted on: 2020 May 23 Sat
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