FIRST LOOK REVIEW: Viper Golf 2017 Freestyle 2.0 Handcrafted Spikeless Golf Shoes

IMG_20171004_234009Introduction The Freestyle 2.0 is the new spikeless shoe from Viper Golf. While Viper Golf is currently a newbie in shoes, the shoe still does stand out in the course and makes a point. Comfort Even though they don’t quite rise to the level of the FootJoys and Mizunos, the Viper Golf Freestyle 2.0 Spikeless Golf shoes are quite comfortable.  When you slip them on, there’s a very cushioned, pillow-y feel.  As you walk, the shoe moves with you without any bunching or pressure anywhere on your foot.  The shoe is fairly light, and the weight is well distributed, so walking a long distance is quite comfortable. Looks IMG_20171004_233748The Freestyle 2.0 shoe are a pretty tame take on the golf/street shoe.  This shoe comes in full brown color with a white casual sole lined up along. The shoe has a very casual look from the top while the sides look really contemporary. The contrasting stitching adds to the look and the shoe is great choice on as well as off the course. Performance IMG_20171004_233931The sole has a very aggressive spike pattern to it, and the result is somewhat good traction. For smooth, balanced swingers, the grip is amazing, but players who rely on spikes to maintain stability and drive from the ground would need to adjust a bit. Conclusion At INR 2990, the Viper Golf Freestyle 2.0 Spikeless Golf shoes are hard to argue with from a value perspective.  They’re undeniably comfortable and look amazing. Hence, they should serve your purposes on and off the golf course. Posted on: 2017 Oct 5 Thu
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Author: Kunal Singhai

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