Difference between Callaway Epic Speed and Mavrik drivers

Callaway has had several immense years of success in the driver market with their Epic, Rogue, and Mavrik models. This season they’re back at it again with another major release, the Callaway Epic Speed drivers.

The EPIC family features three drivers, EPIC SPEED, EPIC MAX, and EPIC MAX LS, and all bring something unique to the table, but which one suits your game the best?

So, the question here is will the Epic Speed drivers manage to surpass the success of the highly acclaimed Mavrik drivers? Let’s find out.

Mavrik vs Epic Speed


The Mavrik is a very consistent performer with impressive forgiveness across the face and an astounding sound and feel; the driver is best suited for the golfers who want more spin to maximize distance.

Epic Speed 

The Epic Speed is strictly designed for the golfers, who make solid impact reasonably consistently; it generates very fast ball speeds and, as a result, long drives.

 SpecsMavrikEpic Speed
Head Size460cc460cc
Flight BiasSlight DrawSemi-Draw

Mavrik Max vs Epic Max

Mavrik Max 

The Max edition of the MAVRIK is all about creating maximum of everything (Distance, Forgiveness, and Launch). It features the maximum draw bias and mid spin and a high ball flight. 

The Mavrik Max, a 460cc club, is precisely created to provide the golfers maximum of Distance, Forgiveness, and Launch.

Epic Max

Epic MAX creates exceptionally high forgiveness, starting with a lighter, stronger Triaxial Carbon material that saves over 19 grams of weight vs. titanium. This driver delivers an exceptional combination of a deep CG, draw bias, and higher MOI to promote a tighter downrange dispersion that leads to straighter drives.

If your strike location tends to be quite inconsistent, consider Epic Max without even wasting a second, as it will help boost ball speeds on off-center strikes.

 Specs Mavrik MaxEpic Speed Max
Head Size460cc460cc
Flight BiasSlight Draw / Max DrawDraw CG + Adjustable

Mavrik Sub-Zero vs Epic Max Ls

Mavrik Sub-Zero

MAVRIK Sub Zero is a low spinning driver with high MOI which offers two interchangeable weights to fine-tune the trajectory; this is the lowest spinning driver of the three Mavrik drivers and also has a neutral draw bias.

The sub-zero is the lowest spinning driver in the Mavrik lineup; and also has a neutral draw bias; the driver is ideal for better players.

Epic Max LS

The MAX LS is the most fade capable driver in the Epic family, and Adjustable Perimeter Weighting provides up to 13 yards of shot shape correction to fine-tune ball flight. Combined with ultra-high MOI, the MAX LS provides a unique lower spin option for mid-to low-handicappers.

If you are someone, who wants a forgiving driver but seriously low spin, this will be the option for you.

 Specs Mavrik Sub-ZeroEpic Max LS
Head Size450cc460cc
Flight BiasNeutralNeutral CG + Adjustable

The Final Words

The new Epic range is all about speed, and all drivers are packed full of the latest technology to provide the players a next-level experience, and now that you know that the new Epic Speed drivers are for golfers of skill level, what are you waiting for? Buy these super impressive drivers and let us know how they performed for you.

Posted on: 2021 Feb 15 Mon
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