Anirban Lahiri obscured his shoulder injury to play for the nation

Anirban Lahiri, the highest ranked Indian golfer endured a shoulder injury during the British open in Scotland this year. Lahiri was bound to miss the Olympics, but the opportunity to represent the country at Olympics too was once in a lifetime chance. Lahiri thus decided to hide his injury and compete at the Olympics. Anirban showed great patriotism when he chose to wear the tricolour rather than the millions on offer during the series that lay ahead. Anirban had a disappointing Olympic outing and is now forced to take four weeks off to nurse his injury. [caption id="attachment_973" align="alignnone" width="1045"]Lahiri's post on his Facebook Page after the Golf's men event at the Olympics. Lahiri's tweet after the Golf's men event at the Olympics.[/caption] The top ranked Indian golfer will now miss the lucrative FedexCup Playoffs in his first full season on the PGA TOUR. The good news though is that Anirban has secured his card for the next season and will be eligible to play a full season soon as he recovers. Golfoy hopes that Anirban makes a quick recovery and return to the greens. Posted on: 2016 Aug 29 Mon
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