How to Effectively use Alignment Sticks & Improve Your Game

The Alignment Sticks are the most simple but most effective training aid, which not only helps you improve your game, but also assists you to strike the ball better, give you feedback of movements, visualize different shots, and much more. Let’s wade a bit deeper and try to understand what alignment sticks are all about.

What is Alignment in Golf?

Alignment is the most important yet overlooked fundamental of golf. Without a proper club & body alignment, even a perfect swing can be wasted.

In golf terminology, alignment refers to the angle of both your club and your feet aiming towards your target line. A correct alignment will have your club face pointed directly down the target line, with your feet placed parallel to that target line. Poor alignment can make you hit a shot 50 Yards left or right of your target.

Although golfers spend days working on their swing and not consider if they are aiming in the right direction, by spending some time on the range using some alignment sticks, one can improve their game by correctly aligning themselves to the target line; giving their four-ball a run for the money.

How to use Alignment Sticks?

Now that you have understood alignment and why it is important, it’s time to understand how can you use Alignment Sticks to help you improve your consistency.

Where to Find Golf Alignment Sticks

Generally speaking, golf alignment sticks can be purchased through just about any golf equipment supplier. Here are just a few that we recommend:

→ Golfoy

→ Amazon

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